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Landscape Style Guide Arizona Southwest

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Tuscan Trees and Plants
Years Experience



Happy Customer

"When we were looking to redo our home’s landscape, we shopped every nearby nursery, but in the end, no one even came close to offering the level of professional service and quality that Moon Valley presented. I LOVE that planting is included on all of their specimen trees!! The peace of mind that comes with doing business with a company like this cannot be understated. Thank you so much, Moon Valley!"

Moon Valley Nurseries is the BEST, EVER!

Free Landscape Design

Have your yard custom-designed to fit your needs with a free in-store landscape design. 

Spanish Landscape
Style Guide

Imagine yourself sitting out in your backyard, among the flowers and trees, enjoying a glass or bottle of wine (or maybe sangria) and escaping to the Spanish countryside every night in your backyard. Add these plants to amplify your villa’s Spanish landscape.

Arizona Tropical Landscape

Tropical Landscape
Style Guide

Rewind and go back to your favorite island vacation. Was it Hawaii, the Bahamas, or maybe Bali? You can bring paradise back to your yard and enjoy a tropical oasis every day. Add these trees and plants to your yard to create your tropical escape.