When it rains, it grows!

Tips and tricks for fertilizing after rainy days


Take advantage of the recent rain and help your yard grow. Get out in your yard and fertilize your trees and plants and let Mother Nature drive the nutrients straight into the root system.

The framework for a spectacular and vibrant Spring landscape starts today. You can assist your landscape and help it get that jump start on spring growth with the essential nutrients your trees and plants need with Moon Valley Nurseries' custom fertilizers.

Moon_Juice.jpgMoon Juice
From the roots up, Supercharged Moon Juice, with Furst liquid technologies, provides benefits at all levels. It triggers new root hair growth, fertilizer and moisture intake is greatly enhanced, and there is stronger cell development throughout the trunks, branches, and stems which allows water and nutrients to pass more efficiently to the leaves.

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Palm-Juice.pngSuper Palm Juice
If you have been struggling to keep your palms looking green, we have the answer for your problem. Our Super Palm Juice will turn your palms green and keep them green. Palm have special nutrient requirements. palms use a variety of different major and micro nutrients including Potash, Manganese, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper & Boron. Moon Valley Nurseries has developed our Super Palm Juice: the perfect formula of these important nutrients, in a super easy to use liquid. Yellow, weak, or disfigured appearances are symptoms that your palm is deficient in one or more of the nutrients that Super Palm Juice provides. Used regularly, Super Palm Juice will help correct these symptoms and optimize the appearance of your palms.

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moon-dust.pngMoon Dust
All trees and plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash (Potassium) as the primary nutrients for healthy living. Our custom, organic blended Moon Dust provides these essential elements in a perfect horticultural ratio that will benefit virtually every plant in your landscape. Moon Dust creates fantastic results because it was developed especially for tough, compact and alkaline soils. Designed for the desert, Moon Dust contains optimal amounts of Sulfur and Gypsum which fight the effects of salts present in the soil and helps break up hard soils. This enables the roots to access the main nutrients (N, P, K) much more efficiently.

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Royal_Turf.jpgMoon Royale

Our lawns drink a lot of water and all this rain is a welcome sign for many of us who have cut back on watering our lawns. You can give your lawn a boost with our fast acting Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer. In most cases, you will see results in just four days, and it gets stronger as it goes to work greening up your lawn. Our native desert soils are naturally high in harmful salts that keep vital nutrients and iron from being absorbed by roots. That is why we included sulfur and chelated iron in Moon Royale to fight the salts and quickly turn your lawn dark green.

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Soil__Water_Conditioner.jpgSoil & Water Conditioner 
A challenging aspect of growing trees and plants is the compact soil and the high Ph found in our soil and water. because of these challenges, the alkaline conditions prevents major and minor nutrients from converting into compounds that are readily available to living plant roots. Our Soil & Water Conditioner contains sulfur and gypsum to counteract these salt buildups while loosening tough hard soil. The sulfur will reduce the Ph and allow excess salt to be flushed out of the root system. The gypsum will loosen the soil leading to better drainage and healthier soils. 

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We developed Moon Green as a safe and easy to use solution for yellowing trees and plants. With the high heat and low moisture of our environment, unsightly yellowing and ugly foliage is a common problem for plants in the arid Southwest Region. This problem is generally attributed to both low nutrient levels and iron chlorosis (deficiency). Moon Green's liquid iron supplement not only cures Iron Chlorosis, it also helps reduce soil alkalinity, neutralize caliche/tight clay type soils, and promotes darker and greener leaves and grass. 

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Moon Valley Nurseries carries an assortment of other beneficial fertilizers that help keep palms green, make thicker and fuller hedge plants , and improve water penetration and drainage. View our highly specialized blends of fertilizer right here.

For all your landscaping needs make sure you head to the Moon and talk to the experts at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations.